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Kenner Discovery Talks F.A.S.T.

Chris Williams, a stroke nurse care coordinator, talked to the Kenner Discovery HOSA Chapter about strokes. Here's what they learned: Our speaker today was Chris Williams, a stroke nurse care coordinator. His role is to make sure patients receive good care throughout the day. Since he works with stroke patients, he told us important information on how to detect a stroke and facts about them. 795,000 Americans each year suffer a new recent recurrent stroke. The #5 cause for death in the U.S. Strokes are also the #1 cause for disability in the U.S.

What exactly is a stroke? A stroke is a brain injury caused when a blood vessel to the brain becomes blocked or bursts. There are 2 different types of strokes. An Ischemic stroke is when fatty deposits line the blood vessel wall and cause blockage, this can be known as thrombus or embolus. A Hemorrhagic stroke is when weakened blood vessels rupture, also known as an aneurysms or arteriovenous. TIA’s are “warning strokes” that can happen before a major stroke. TIA’s are MEDICAL EMERGENCIES! Strokes are Preventable! Healthy behavior can prevent a stroke by 80%. For example, having a balance diet and exercise. Immediate treatment for strokes can decrease long-term effects. A person with a small burst blood vessel in the brain has about 16-24 hours to get to the hospital to be treated before death risks begin to rise.

What do you do when a stroke occurs? An acronym, F.A.S.T, can save a life:

F- Face drooping

A-Arm weakness

S-Speech difficulty

T-Time to call 911

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