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HOSA Week Ideas

HOSA Week is a time, typically the first full week in November (or any week that works for your chapter), to recognize health professionals and to bring attention to the different health careers and health issues.


Below is a list of sample activities that chapters can sponsor as part of HOSA Week. 


School or Community Service


Bring a Book for Literacy - Pensacola Catholic High School, FL

      Teachers and students collected over 100 books for partner schools in education.

Free Medical Clinic - CAVIT, AZ
     Students volunteered and performed health screenings that included glucose, pregnancy, blood   

      pressure and urinalysis. They also translated medical information and services for Spanish-speaking  


Canned Food Drive - Land O’ Lakes High School, FL 
     The chapter collected canned foods in conjunction with the County Sheriff’s office to feed the needy.   

      A bulletin board advertising the drive and showing collection goals and achievements was designed    

      and displayed in the school.

Alzheimer’s Facility - Colquitt County High School, GA
     HOSA members visited the local Alzheimer’s Facility in their area. Alzheimer’s residents were given

      scrap books in order that they and their families could place memory jogging pictures in them. The

      students also took the time to discuss HOSA with the administration and individual staff members.

Memorial Walk/Run - Bay-Arenac ISD Career Center, MI
     This walk/run is held in order to raise money towards scholarships that are given to two students  

      that are enrolled at the skill center, and are also active in a student chapter.

Salvation Army Donation - South View High School, NC
     HOSA members had a schoolwide and community service project for the Salvation Army to get  

      donations of clothing, blankets and small appliances for the Katrina release victims that relocate in

      North Carolina.

Vision Screenings - Mitchell High School, NC
     Students set up an area at the local Commons to do vision screenings during lunch breaks. HOSA

      members performed screenings using the Snellen chart.

Handwashing - Judson Senior, TX
     HOSA members taught fourth graders about handwashing using Glo-Germ. Students practiced

      handwashing and were evaluated by HOSA members. Finally, each fourth grader was given a glove

      and antibacterial wipes to disinfect their desks.

Blood Pressure Screenings - Perry County, MS
     HOSA members performed blood pressure screenings on senior citizens and Salvation Army  

      volunteers at the local senior center.

Food for the Homeless - Alamance County, NC
     HOSA members cooked and served meals to the homeless at the Good Shepherd Kitchen. They also

      worked in the food pantry area - stocking, sorting canned foods and checking expiration dates.

Health Information Booth - Peter J. Kirksey Career Center, AL
     HOSA members manned a booth with information at the local grocery story about breast cancer,   

      Alzheimers and diabetes. Flyers, pamphlets and ribbons were provided to the public with facts, warning

      signs and prevention of these diseases. Donations were accepted to divide equally among the three

      sponsoring agencies.

Teacher Appreciation - Westview High School, TN
     HOSA members made each teacher a special sign with a note of appreciation and a health quote. Each

      note also included a candy bar.

Mini Lesson on AIDS - Warren Harding High School, CT
     HOSA members made a presentation about AIDS to sophomore students. Students learned how HIV and

      AIDS are connected and cleared several misconceptions about the two.

Raking Leaves - Carter County, KY
     HOSA members raked leaves at elderly homebound individual's homes. HOSA members also bagged and  

      disposed of the leaves.


Opportunities in Health Care


Health Career Clinic - Tulsa Technology Center, OK
     This chapter adopted a local elementary school and created a “Candy Care Clinic” where they showcased   

      several health careers and stressed the importance of doing well in school.  Pharmacy bags containing

      candy, pencils, a certificate of participation, and a student-made coloring book which contained colored

      pages for each health care career.

Guest Speaker - Cumberland County High School, TN
     Guest speakers from local facilities came to speak to school classes and inform them of their jobs and the

      different things they do in their work place. This gave students a chance to discuss the details of different

      health careers as well as learn about what types of schooling and preparation it would take to become a  

      health care professional.

Scavenger Hunt - Floyd County High School, VA
     Members created a quiz with questions pertaining to HOSA and handed the quizzes out to students.

      Answers to questions about HOSA history and different health care careers were hidden in paragraphs on

      posters around the school. Local stores, pharmacies, and restaurants participated in providing prizes to the

      student who received the highest quiz score.

Costumes - David Crockett High School, TN
     HOSA members dressed as a different disease or condition. They then had to be prepared to give a report   

      on their particular disease to anyone who asked what he or she was dressed as.

Cancer Survivor - Duncanville High School, TX
     An alumnus of the school and the HOSA program came to speak to a group of students about her battle

      with cancer. She had also been the first Relay for Life Co-Chair at the high school.

Volunteer Speaking - Abilene High School, TX
     HOSA members from the high school volunteered to teach third graders at the local elementary school

      about the different health care careers.

Career Displays - Quitman High School, AR
     Each HOSA member created a Health Career Display. The projects were set up in the school's cafeteria on

      stage for viewing. Viewers voted on the most attractive display.

Health Careers Presentation - Cooper High School, TX
     HOSA members visited middle schools to inform eighth graders about health careers and how to choose

      high school courses in Health Science and HOSA as a path to a future in a health care field.


Appreciation to the Health Care Community


Spaghetti Luncheon - Kiamichi Technology Center, OK
     Kiamichi Technology Center held a spaghetti luncheon in honor of HOSA members, HOSA alumni members,

      Health Careers Advisory Board members, and healthcare professional student mentors.  The luncheon was

      held in the Student Commons Area of the KTC campus.  The east wall displayed HOSA members’ health  

      career displays.  HOSA gifts were given each attendee and HOSA door prizes were awarded.  Certificates of  

      appreciation were presented to alumni and health industry guests.

Trip to Medical Supply Company - Smithfield Selma High School, NC
     HOSA members visited Mary Tyndall at her business, Johnston Medical Supply Services, and presented her

      with a framed picture of herself surrounded by HOSA hands.  The inscription read “Thanks for all your

      support, time, contributions, and caring over the past three years.”  Mary had donated education materials,

      name badges, and breast cancer learning experiences for HOSA members.

Appreciation Reception - Russell County HOSA, KY
     HOSA members held an appreciation reception for the staff and residents at Fair Oaks Health

      Systems.  They served cake, cookies, fruit, nuts, mints and punch, and presented an Award of Partnership

      plaque to the facility.

Radio Spot - Breckinridge County HOSA, KY
     HOSA members went to the local radio station and recorded a message that was played during HOSA

      week.  The message thanked local health care providers and expressed appreciation for their service to the

      community and to HOSA.

Appreciation Awards - Pensacola Junior College, FL
     Members of the Pensacola Junior College Warrington Campus presented HOSA appreciation certificates to

      Escambia County EMS and fire fighters.  The local newspaper and television station covered the event.

Mentor Appreciation - Dr. Kemper - Quitman HOSA, AR

      HOSA members presented a local dentist with an engraved appreciation plaque and an album of

      letters.  Following the presentation, a lunch of deli sandwiches, chips, soft drinks and cookies were


School Nurse - Northeastern Junior College, CO
     HOSA members paid tribute to the school nurse by tastefully and caringly decorating her office door.  They  

      presented her with a thank you card and a gift certificate to a local coffee shop.

HOSA Appreciation Party - Giles County High School, TN
     HOSA members held an appreciation party for hospital employees.  Cake and punch were served at the

      party, which allowed HOSA members and health professionals time to mingle to become better acquainted.



What are your ideas?  Please share what your school does for HOSA week.  Send pictures of the activities.

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