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2023 - 2024

Louisiana HOSA

State Leadership Conference (SLC)

March 18 - 19, 2024

Held at:

Crowne Plaza

Baton Rouge, LA

Join Us!

Please Read Everything!

Registration Opens on January 23rd

through February 26th

Register Early!  Changes may be made up until February 26th


For Information & Registration

Click Below

The Following Competitive Events Will Be Offered at the SLC:

Please Read Everything! 

Skills to Be Judged


New for Middle School!

Foundations of



The first step in successful competition!

Read the entire guideline for your event:


Who Must Use Tallo For Their Competition?

Answer:  No one!

Tallo is no longer beeing used.  The new upload site is on the HOSA website called HOSA Digital Upload System.  We will NOT be using this system for any events at the State Level.  If your event says to upload to the HOSA Digital Upload System, you will instead make hard copies and put in a solid color, clean, undamaged 3-ring binder or folder then bring to SLC.


Any event that requires a Specific notebook/portfolio may use any solid color, clean, undamaged 3-ring binder and submit at the conference for your event.  This will only be for the State Leadership Conference.

If you compete at the International Leadership Conference in June, you WILL need to follow all directions in the Event Guideline regarding Uploads and Official Portfolios.

All portfolios or displays should be retrieved after the event has been completed and put in the showcase; anything left behind will be disposed of.

Be sure to read the Guidelines for the event you are interested in. 

Start NOW! 

You can be on the stage with the top 10 winners next June at the

International Leadership Conference (ILC) in Houston, Texas!

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