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 Health Professions Week

Date Coming Soon

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You’re invited to explore all that Health Professions Week has to offer in 2023!  It’s the biggest event of its kind - and you have a reserved seat! 

It’s big.  It’s always been virtual.  And it’s happening this November.

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What is Health Professions Week ?  HPW is a series of events, woven together to give you meaningful insight to a path to a healthcare profession.  There are many events during HPW – so you can choose what content matters to you.  HPW is on-demand, so come back later when you have new questions.  HPW will be here to continue to bring you new ideas, new professions and new paths to your career.

You can find descriptions of events by logging into your own personal HPW page and see what all of the buzz is about.

Explore Careers Confidently. 

“See” you in November!


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