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This Year We  

Dare to Create!

Membership Dues: 

Dues will remain at $25/per person this year.  This includes both national and state dues.  Please add your chapter fee to that.

Registration Instructions


If you have not already received the Charter #, or if you forgot or lost it, please contact Shirlene at or HOSA at:  (800) 321-HOSA (4672)              

You will need this to affiliate members.

1. Relax.  You've got this!

2. Print out the 2023 - 2024 Calendar at a Glance and hang in classroom 

3. Assign a trusted student to help you with everything.

3. Hang HOSA Posters in classroom/bulletin boards/hallways

4. Hang HOSA meeting dates in classroom/bulletin boards/hallways

5. Choose dates for the first 4 meetings.  (weekly is best for the first month)

6. Announce HOSA meeting PSA in morning/afternoon announcements

7. Go on the website and login.  Register yourself as practice, using 

   the Charter # (and create a password) that was sent to you.

8. Correct the highlighted parts & make any changes needed to the Chapter Bylaws, 

   and sign on the bottom of the last page.  Send a copy to the state advisor. 

9. You may use the link below to register.   Instructions can be found in the   

   Chapter Success Guide or on the HOSA website when you log in. 



Any Chapters that affiliate the bulk of members by October 15 will be recognized as a HOSA-100 chapter and receive a certificate!

     Registration Forms


       LA HOSA Regions

           Calendar at a Glance

         Interest Posters

              HOSA PSA Template      

          Collect & Keep the following 4 forms

           New Member Registration Form 

          Student Code of Conduct

            Student Medical Form

          Photo Release


          Submit These

                       Forms Agreement             

               Advisor Info Form  

             Advisor Code of Conduct Form

                Chapter Profile

           Chapter Bylaws Template


          Other Forms

           HOSA Cup Point Form 

           Program of Work

          Program of Work - Optional Tracking Form

        Interest Flyer


     Follow-up Email Template

         Interest/First Meeting Agenda/Script 

             Roll Call Log  (use for all meetings)



Please allow each student a few minutes to log onto this site

and fill in the career interest form below:

          Career Interest Form





That's it! 

Just keep moving forward, form committees, do activities, give encouragement, and get everyone involved. 

If you have any questions, call or text Shirlene Bender at 337-371-5974, or email 

 In Central Louisiana - contact Kristina Sloan  318-619-2971 or email

   Have an AWESOME HOSA year...

Dare To Create!

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