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Chapter Spotlight: Kenner Discovery

On October 14, 2016, Our Kenner Discovery HOSA Advisor ensured everyone was settled for our first virtual conference. She checked that we all looked proper and explained the guidelines of this meeting: we were touring a hospital in our classroom! Ochsner Hospital is piloting an outreach program with our class using Nepris! It’s similar to the popular face timing on phones, except it’s doctors, nurses, and freshmen. The medical professionals described their jobs and what they do daily. The Wound Care Team focused on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This process is when people breathe pure oxygen. It’s used to heal wounds faster and is being studied to help treat symptoms of Autism. They even demonstrated how the chamber is used! They explained the studies going along with this chamber and getting a wider use of the device. One nurse explained how it’s used to help treat diabetic sores- the most common use of the chamber. This was an interesting connection to our class because we just finished studying the Integumentary System. It was a fascinating experience and we look forward to pairing up with Nepris and Ochsner again soon!

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