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American Stroke Association is Looking for Ideas for F.A.S.T. Song

The American Stroke Association is looking for ideas for their F.A.S.T. Song.

Louisiana HOSA Chapters are encouraged to put together their own videos singing the F.A.S.T. song. All Chapters who submit a video will be given HOSA Cup points and their video will be submitted to the American Stroke Association.

F.A.S.T. is an easy way to remember the signs of a stroke:

F: Face Drooping

A: Arm Weakness

S: Speech Difficulty

T: Time to Call 911

Looking for ideas to activate around the FAST song, but don’t know any musicians?

  • Church and music often go hand-in-hand. Work with Power Sunday churches and/or engage Power To End Stroke ambassadors or Most Powerful Voices participants to sing the F.A.S.T. song and perform it in church.