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Global Dental Relief and HOSA

If you are looking for a quality, unique opportunity that will make learning not only fun but extremely meaningful while at the same time helping thousands of impoverished children in Nepal, India, Kenya, Guatemala, and Cambodia, then you will want to learn more about the Global Dental Relief internships.

Learning while bringing free dental care to thousands of impoverished children – what a life-changing experience!

See what Brendon and Angie Abbott, two HOSA members, share about their journey: or whatever will be the online HOSA link.

Your journey will help you:

(a) gain experience shadowing a veteran health professional;

(b) be immersed in a foreign culture while living and working in communities in need around the globe;

(c) build relationships with new friends, potential mentors and employers as well as with non-profit agencies; and

(d) design an internship tailored to your interests in treatment planning, clinic management or direct patient care.

Global Dental Relief offers 16 trips per year to a variety of locations—each including a five- to six- day intensive dental clinic followed by optional opportunities to explore the surrounding area and culture. Participants must be at least a junior in high school (and, if under 18 must be accompanied by an adult).

Learn more about dates and costs by going to or call: 303.858.8857.

“GDR has certainly given me an excellent opportunity to give to the world.” HOSA student member Crystal Joseph shared following her Global Dental Relief trip to Guatemala.

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