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Meet Our State Officer Candidates

Brelyn Bowman

Brelyn Bowman

Baton Rouge Magnet High School

Hello, My name is Brelyn. I am a junior at Baton Rouge High, and I am running for the state officer secretary position. Choosing me as your secretary would be a great choice because I have very exceptional organization skills, pay attention to detail, and have effective communication abilities. My commitment to being reliable and a good listener, and also with my dedication with creating positive relationships and promoting collaboration within the organization will benefit Hosa.

Hannah Bradley

Mandeville High School

Hello, I am Hannah Bradley. I would love to be your Region 3 Vice President for the 2024-2025 year. I go to Mandeville High School

and have been involved in the HOSA program for two years. I loved to see what an impact this program had on students like you.

I aspire to be an OBGYN one day. I want to make a difference in my life. I have tried to make positive changes at my school and

would love to do the same with HOSA. Thank you for your consideration. I promise if you elect me, I will do my best for all of you.

Bradley pic.png
Hannah Bradley

Ibrahim Khan

Sherwood Middle Academic

Magnet School

My name is Ibrahim Khan and I want to become the HOSA Middle School Ambassador. There might be a lot of people applying for

this position but I should be the one elected. First, I'm a team player. Even though I'll be younger than all the state officers at the

meetings, I'll fit right in, especially since I was surrounded by older kids in my family. I'm also smart and a great strategist. I know

what people like and as ambassador I could easily sell the idea of HOSA and it would appeal to everyone. I'm also dedicated. This

position will require my work and attention at all times but that won't stop me. I've been out of state many times so attending of

out of state meetings will not be a problem. I've also optimized my school work so procrastinating won't get in the way of my

main commitment. Overall, there's so much criteria that's needed to be a HOSA Middle School Ambassador and I fill all of them.

Khan pic.png
Ibrahim Khan

Jannat Adnan Anwar

Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy

Making a difference has also been one of my top priorities in life. I am deeply committed to this and want to influence the direction of this community. Elected officials must establish a shared vision for the future which I am more than happy to do. Challenges are what makes this work. It’s what makes shaping our shared future possible. I am deeply dedicated and compassionate about this and would love to represent this community.

Jannat Adnan Anwar

Whitney Kibodeaux

Rayne High School

Being elected as a HOSA State Officer means I can have a positive impact on you! As a state officer I plan on making several appearances throughout the year promoting our organization. In addition to that to bring more members in I would like to partner with other youth organizations to spread on what HOSA is and why it is so beneficial. With my strong work ethic and previous experiences I feel as if I am the best choice. I am looking forward to dedicating this next year if elected to listen to your concerns and ideas so that we can make Louisiana HOSA even better!

Whitney Kibodeux

Blaise Muguira

St. Paul's School

My name is Blaise Muguira and I believe I am the best candidate for the region 3 vice president because I am willing to put my duties towards HOSA before others, I am very hard working, and have the team skills I believe are necessary for a leadership position. Once I have decided that I want to or have to do something I will not stop until I have completed it. A good example of this work ethic would be my diabetes.  I am a type 1 diabetic  This is a great example of my hard working ethic because dieting and exercise is known among people to be extremely hard and even harder to stick to a plan required for type 1. I have surrounded myself with people who care for me and want the best for me, because of this I believe that I have built the necessary team skills needed for a leadership position like this, since one person alone cannot always make the best decisions.  For example the president has advisors and a cabinet of gifted people who help him make the decisions they think as a group is best. If this is necessary at the highest level of leadership, then it should be treated with the utmost importance at this level. This all brings around my point that I should be elected over others because of my team skills, my willingness to put my officer duties first, and my hard work ethic.

Blaise Muguira
Anulika Kanonu

Anulika Kanonu

Rayne High School

Hello, my name is Anulika Kanonu, I am currently in the ninth grade at Rayne High School. HOSA was my first club that I joined at

Rayne High, and I intend to dedicate my next four years of high school to it. At the end of my high-school journey, I would like to

attend a college that'll accommodate my goal of being a Dermatologist. If I was elected as President-Elect for HOSA, my goal would

be to help this organization grow both in members and opportunities.

Kanonu Pic.jpg
Elianah Mendez

Elianah Mendez

Slidell High School

Hello, I'm Elianah Mendez, and I'm running for Vice President Region 3. To me, HOSA has grown to mean community. It means

expanding my knowledge of the medical field with my peers. It means creating lasting friendships and giving back to the

community. I hope to contribute my leadership abilities and enthusiastic personality to HOSA. I thrive in collaborative

environments and enjoy working with others towards a common goal. I hope to expand my knowledge of the healthcare

field and help others to expand theirs as well. With my decision-making and problem-solving skills, I am confident in my

ability to manage the responsibilities of a state officer. Becoming a state officer and making an impact would be an amazing

opportunity for me.

Mendez pic.png
Gabrielle Essex

Gabrielle Essex

Natchitoches Central High School

Hey guys, my name is Gabrielle Essex. I'm a junior at Natchitoches Central High School, and I'm running for the position of

Region 1 vice president. As president of my local chapter, I would love to expand my leadership skills further by becoming a

regional officer. I feel I would do very well in this position because of my plan to frequently promote HOSA to grow its

membership on all levels and network with other excellent State officers to better Region 1 and grow the organization. HOSA

plays a significant role in my life, personally and educationally. Not only has HOSA provided me with so much information and

opportunity to learn about the medical field, but it has also taught me exceptional social skills and introduced me to wonderful

people all over the world. I hope to meet you wonderful people in March at SLC. See you guys soon.

Essex Pic.png
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