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Social Media Frenzy


1. Daily Theme

2. Post your Response to social media using the daily hashtags. Don't forget to # your chapter. Each day your chapter participates, your chapter will earn 200 HOSA Cup Points.  

3. Check our Facebook Page to see if your response made our Top 5 List. Top 5 winners will earn an extra 100 HOSA Cup Points for their chapter. 

Medical Monday

1. #HOSAMedicalMonday

2. Post anything related to medicine/health

3. Examples: cool medical facts, anatomy trivia, health professionals, etc.

Technology Tuesday

1. #HOSATechnologyTuesday

2. Post anything related to medical technology

3. Examples: dates of medical inventions, upcoming technology, or technology you would like to see happen, etc.

HOSA Watch Wednesday

1. #HOSAWatchWednesday

2. Post anything related to your HOSA Chapter

3. Examples: Chapter Activities, Alumni Updates, Special Recognition. We want to hear about your chapters!

Take Charge Thursday

1. #HOSATakeChargeThursday

2. Post anything related to areas in which you want to volunteer or take charge of

3. Examples: LLS Information, American Cancer Society, Volunteer Activities, etc.

HOSA Fact Friday

1. #HOSAFactFriday

2. Post any questions you might have related to HOSA


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