Welcome Back!

Returning Chapters & Advisors

This page will contain all the forms you will need.  Be sure to have your helpers and officers help you with these forms, as well as reading the new Chapter Success Guide first. If there are any instructions you feel you need, look at the New Chapter page or Call Shirlene Bender at 337-371-5974 or email her at shirlene.lahosa@gmail.com 

                                                                                         Read Me!      

Relax.  You've got this!

Read the Chapter Success Guide First

It is recommended that you have a meeting each week for the first 3-4 meetings.  Then choose meeting frequency after that.

 You may use the link below to register.  Click below, then scroll down

 to Local Chapter Advisors.  Instructions can be found in the Chapter Success Guide   and on the National HOSA website when you log in.

If you cannot remember your charter # and password, those will be sent to you soon.  If you attended the Advisor Summit, it was in your binder.





LA HOSA Regions


Please read the sample bylaws below, fill in the blanks, sign, and return to the state advisor.  We must have a copy on file for all chapters.  Thanks!

Any Chapters who affiliate the bulk of members by October 15 will be recognized as a HOSA-100 chapter and receive a certificate!

                                                Chapter Bylaws

    New Member Registration Form

                                   Calendar at a Glance                                            

   Advisor Info Form 

  Chapter Profile 

      HOSA Cup Point Form

    Program of Work

Program of Work - Optional Tracking Form

         Code Of Conduct Assurance Form

      Officer Parent Letter

       Career Interest Form

       Follow-up Email Template

       Interest/First Meeting Agenda/Script 

             Roll Call Log  (use for all meetings)


       LA HOSA Regions

        Interest Posters
          HOSA PSA Template


       Fall Forum flyer 


That's it!  Just keep going, do activities, give encouragement, and keep everyone involved.  If you have any questions, call or text Shirlene Bender at 337-371-5974, or email at shirlene.lahosa@gmail.com 

               Have a FUN HOSA year!