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Health Professions Week

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November 14-19, 2020

New National Service Project

You + Be The Match = A

Life-saving Team!








Be The Match is thrilled to partner with HOSA-Future Health Professionals and dedicated members like you! Each month, you will receive a “Be The Match life-saving mission” that will have fundraising and recruitment tips and updates about the program and prizes!

MISSION #1:  Start by learning all about Be The Match, so you are 100% prepared for future missions!

You will quickly learn there are several ways to work with Be The Match – fundraising:


  • Be The Match.recruiting people to join the Be The Match Registry®;

  • using the materials to educate others through the competitive events program (Health Education, etc.);

  • and  much more! Each mission will help you better understand your involvement with Be The Match.


MISSION #2:  Launch your Fundraising Page. It’s easy and only takes a couple minutes. (Under 18? Make sure your parent or guardian is nearby to provide consent.)

Once you completed your first mission (learning about all things Be The Match) then you are ready to start your next mission!

Here's how:

     1. Go to BeTheMatch.org/HOSAFundraising

     2. Choose “Start a page” and enter your initial information.

     3. Select your chapter fundraising page and charter number. If your chapter page           isn’t set up yet, no problem!   Remind your HOSA advisor to start your chapter             page and then start your individual page in the meantime. (We can add you to           the chapter page and include your charter number later.)

     4. Customize your fundraising page, then connect it to your social media.

     5. Spread the word and share your page! Invite your friends and family to visit               your page and make a contribution.

     6. Once you are registered, you will have access to more tips and tools to help you           get started.

  QUICK TIP!     

5 friends x $20 = $100
Every $100 = 1 potential donor to the Be The Match Registry

YOU are helping to grow the registry, provide grants to patient families, and fund research to make transplants safer and more available to all patients.

                    Let’s start saving lives—together! 

  Questions? Contact HOSA@nmdp.org for help setting up your page and getting started.

  SNEAK PEEK: Your third mission is to start recruiting people to join the Be The Match Registry. But wait for details before getting started so you and your chapter get points for each person you add.

  Next Mission and Resources Reveal:  Visit BeTheMatch.org/HOSA to be in the know! 


YOU have the power to save lives.



Congratulations LA HOSA Students!

HOSA Scholarships Awarded:


National HOSA Scholarship:


Peyton Pipher, Belle Chasse High School


LA HOSA Shirley Solis Memorial Scholarship

Marise Wilson, Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy

Najah Nicholas, Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy

Lydia Castille, David Thibodaux Stem Magnet Academy

An Awesome State Leadership Conference!

Assumption HOSA is Busy!


Assumption HOSA gets a lesson in "Medical Leadership."

Assumption HOSA is learning to take "vitals."


New Chapter Celebrates HOSA Week

Louisiana's newest HOSA Chapter at Ben Franklin High School has been busy!  They kicked off the week with the NOLA American Heart Association Heart Walk. Then, made appreciation letters for the school nurse during one of their meetings. Also, they had a school-wide fundraiser for diabetes and donated the money to a non-profit organization dedicated to diabetes research called Beyond Type 1. 

Great job, Ben Franklin HOSA!

And The Winners Are...





 Winning T-Shirt Design by:  Ashley Knox

      From Belle Chasse High School

Winning Pin Design by:  Caitlin Loo

   From Belle Chasse High School

2nd place pin design was by Tabitha Ordoyne from  

       Assumption High School

3rd place pin design was by Lesley Guo from

       Belle Chasse High School

2nd place t-shirt design was by Bailey Pechon

              from St. Scholastica Academy

3rd place t-shirt design was by Anna Broussard

              from St. Louis Catholic School



The 2nd place chapters will be awarded 75 HOSA Cup points.  The 3rd place chapters will be awarded 50 HOSA Cup points.

This was an amazing competition with 54 pin designs submitted and 55 t-shirt designs submitted from 7 different chapters!  Great job all, and they were all truly fantastic designs.  Every person who attends the State Leadership Conference in March will receive a shirt and pin.  

Belle Chasse High Chapter Helps Fire Department Raise Money at Craft Fair

     Assumption High Plays

        The "Pink Game!"


Assumption HS HOSA members prepared for their annual pink game. "With our pink game we sell raffle tickets for raffle ideas & pink game shirts. All the money we collect is donated to Thibodaux Regional."




       Physical Therapy


Belle Chasse Chapter invited physical therapists to talk about their career and teach what they do.

Belle Chasse HOSA volunteered their time bagging oysters to rebuild the reef and land in Plaquemines Parish, creating healthier and thriving shores.

Fall Forum - Region 1  Over 140 members showed their excitement during the day at the University of Louisiana at Monroe in the College of Pharmacy.  Members heard from teachers, state officers, and health professionals who talked about Being a Pharmacist, a  Physical Therapist, and other Allied Health fields.  Other highlights were the mock competitions!  Lots of fun and learning!

Fall Forum - Region 2  This was an awesome day for over 140 members attending the Fall Forum at the National EMS Academy in Lafayette!  Highlights included learning more about HOSA from state officers, then hearing about Kinesiology, Audiology and Speech Pathology, becoming a paramedic or EMT, and the exciting tour of the facility!  Students also participated in mock competitions!

Fall Forum - Region 3  What a great day! With over 340 in attendance, everyone learned about how to run their chapter, worked on a Program of Work, and heard workshop speakers talk about Health Information Management, Forensic Science, Public Health SHIP program, Addictive Behavior Program,  and participated in mock competitions.  The best was watching the brave teachers participate in the What Not To Wear portion of the "What Not To Wear" fashion show!   (be sure to ask President-elect Macye to do her Bones Rap)








It's A Great Day To Save Lives!





Belle Chasse HOSA members begin learning CPR

Washington Leadership Academy


It’s truly something to be able to convene in the Capitol of our great nation with HOSA Leaders from across the world, to learn and grow as leaders in an ever-evolving, ever-diversifying organization that stands at the forefront in the bridging of leadership and quality health science education. In September, Belle Chasse HOSA along with Louisiana HOSA did just that at the HOSA Washington Leadership Academy Conference in Washington DC. Louisiana State President- Elect Macye Brown, Belle Chasse High School Advisor Jennifer Valotta, State Advisor Shirlene Bender and 2 other State Officers (Kenner Discovery's Najah Nicholas- State President & Marise Wilson- State Secretary) found themselves on a journey like no other. They met with State Congressmen and Women at our Nation's Capital to discuss the future of healthcare, CTSOs and the future of health education in the state of Louisiana. They were part of many historical events such as the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington Cemetery, visiting the Smithsonian museums, traveling to local medical schools and observing  monuments, the Pentagon, and much more. The most important aspect of the trip was meeting HOSA members from all over the world and making a global impact in Health Science Education and the future of our healthcare system. The members ranged from ages 12-25 yet they all came together for the same reason:  to Make A Change in our Future Healthcare Professionals.    ~Jennifer Valotta

Are You an Innovator?

Read this Story!


What can you invent? Consider competing in Medical Innovation. 


Review the Guidelines here.:


LA HOSA Students were AWESOME at the International Leadership Conference in Orlando!

Thirty students and five chapter advisors were among the nearly 12,000 attendees at the International Leadership Conference held in Orlando, FL from June 18-22, 2019. 


Of the LA students who competed, we were excited that one student placed in the top ten in her event of Extemporaneous Writing.  Congratulations, Phoenix Marshall!   Also, a BIG shout-out to the students from Opelousas High School who competed in Public Health.  After a successful first round, they were invited to compete in the second round which is a great feat at such a large conference.  Although they did not make the top ten, we are proud of their accomplishment.

All the students and advisors attended numerous educational workshops as well as the Expo, where they learned so much more about health care.

Each year we find that our chapters are working with health professionals or other health organizations who teach and mentor the students.  We are very appreciative of the time they spend and the expertise they share.  Students and teachers are invited to nominate a Health Professional of the Year, and a Health Organization of the Year.  We also ask the State Executive Council team to nominate a mentor of the year.  After reading the nominations, we choose who will be recognized, and at our State Leadership Conference they are presented with an award.

2020 LA HOSA Honorees

2020 Health Organization of the Year

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University!


We are more than thankful for the total involvement of FranU for judging at their facility, providing workshop speakers, expo presenters, and being a sponsor.  Thank you for helping teach and build our future health care workforce!

2020 Health Professional of the Year

Miss Jeanne Solis

Louisiana Office of Public Health, Region 3

Miss Solis doesn't slow down!  She has always been a supporter of HOSA, and has worked with us each year as either a judge, an expo presenter,  a speaker, or a workshop presenter.  This year she started working with HOSA chapters at schools and with our state officers to help them learn about what they can do to create a healthier Louisiana. 


Thank you, Miss Solis!

2019 LA HOSA Honorees



2019 Health Organizations of the Year


Ochsner Health Systems!

We appreciate all that you do to work with Louisiana HOSA and increase the pipeline of future health professionals.



2019 Health Professional of the Year

Dr. Jake Rodi,

Primary Care Physician

At Ochsner Health Clinic, Belle Chasse

Dr. Rodi was chosen because of all his help speaking with and teaching students, as well as  his participation in the school district.

Lafayette HOSA fundraises  for Conference with 

"Bead Your Krewe!"


For a few weeks prior to Mardi Gras, Lafayette HOSA students pre-sold labels to be put on beads with Mardi Gras print on them saying who they are for and  who they are from.   then this week they delivered them while playing Mardi Gras music!


 Anyone who received beads  were allowed to wear them all day!

Ouch! For a Good Cause...

Belle Chasse HOSA partnered with Ochsner Blood Bank & hosted a blood drive in memory of a former teacher Mr. Frank Burke. They had over 50 donors! Saving 150 Lives! 

Haynes Academy has an awesome

HOSA Week!

River Oaks School in Monroe had a great visit with Air Evac Lifeteam and learning about

what they do.

Students wrote thank you notes to the School Nurse and School Athletic Trainer.

On Tech Tuesday members did a knee jerk reflex test on any students passing by, and data was collected.

For Tourniquet Thursday, a table was set up to teach students passing by about how to stop bleeding.

Can you think of a great way to learn about pneumothorax, air embolisms, the bends, and much much more??   LEARN TO SCUBA DIVE!

Belle Chasse Chapter

A speaker from Ochsner Medical Center spoke to members about Allied Health professions.

On Fact Friday, Medical related trivia questions were announced, and prizes given.

Midland High Chapter Donates to

Welcome House Shelter

After holding a schoolwide collection for items for the shelter, HOSA members delivered the items to the shelter.

Belle Chasse Chapter has Great Learning Experiences!

Visit to LSU Medical School

Christmas Social to discuss SLC

 Popcorn Lung Presentation

Learn How Your Chapter Can Earn

The HOSA Cup!

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E-Magazine?  Check it out here:



Tell us what your chapter

has been up to.

Want to keep track of points for your chapter?  Download the form!

Each Year One School Earns This Traveling Trophy Which Is Awarded At The State Leadership Conference.

Do you have a pointkeeper in your chapter?

Great Ideas!

Share some ideas from your chapter...

Grace King HOSA members volunteered at Senior Sunrise Living Center and did crafts with some of the residents.

Grace King HS HOSA members wrote motivating quotes/tips and advice to help motivate and and give courage to all GKHS students doing state testing.

Put a picture from your chapter here!!

Chapter Activities

Ochsner set up a health screening for teachers on campus.  HOSA students walked through the pop-up clinic, spoke to health professionals at each station, & learned about registration process and HIPAA.  Students also learned about testing for glucose levels and cholesterol, and to calculate BMI.

Nurse Vicknair visited HOSA students to discuss a career in nursing.

Kenner Discovery HOSA welcomes Dr. Kim Hunter Reed, LA Commissioner of Higher Education, to celebrate National STEM Day.

LA HOSA-Anatomage

Anatomy & Physiology Tournament!

    For instructions Click Here



                               November 19-20, 2020                                    November 4-5, 2020                                                     

Choose the tournament above to read the information and register

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