COVID-19 Has Hit Louisiana Hard!


I sincerely hope you and your family are all well.

As we do with all challenges, we will rise above this.  As Future Health Professionals, this is your call to action. 

Find out how you can help and follow your local

and state orders.  A crisis such as this is why you

choose to be a health help others. 

We are all learning through this pandemic, and

we will come out stronger.  Please stay home and stay safe.

To the Seniors:

How are you?  I know this is a difficult time for you, but know that your    future is still before you.  This pandemic has created

some lost memories, missing good times, and

cancelled important days...but the best days of your

life are yet to come.  I believe in you and your hopeful

spirit.  Use this time to forge new paths, do research, find new HOSA friends around the country, share your ideas, and most of all...keep your chin up!

You've got this!

Congratulations on your Upcoming Graduation!

An Awesome SLC!

Assumption HOSA is Busy!


Assumption HOSA gets a lesson in "Medical Leadership."

Assumption HOSA is learning to take "vitals."


New Chapter Celebrates HOSA Week

Louisiana's newest HOSA Chapter at Ben Franklin High School has been busy!  They kicked off the week with the NOLA American Heart Association Heart Walk. Then, made appreciation letters for the school nurse during one of their meetings. Also, they had a school-wide fundraiser for diabetes and donated the money to a non-profit organization dedicated to diabetes research called Beyond Type 1. 

Great job, Ben Franklin HOSA!

Check Out the Fall 2019 E-Magazine here

You can also find the e-magazine on the National HOSA website under "News"

(you just might see someone you know!)

And The Winners Are...





 Winning T-Shirt Design by:  Ashley Knox

      From Belle Chasse High School

Winning Pin Design by:  Caitlin Loo

   From Belle Chasse High School

2nd place pin design was by Tabitha Ordoyne from  

       Assumption High School

3rd place pin design was by Lesley Guo from

       Belle Chasse High School

2nd place t-shirt design was by Bailey Pechon

              from St. Scholastica Academy

3rd place t-shirt design was by Anna Broussard

              from St. Louis Catholic School



The 2nd place chapters will be awarded 75 HOSA Cup points.  The 3rd place chapters will be awarded 50 HOSA Cup points.

This was an amazing competition with 54 pin designs submitted and 55 t-shirt designs submitted from 7 different chapters!  Great job all, and they were all truly fantastic designs.  Every person who attends the State Leadership Conference in March will receive a shirt and pin.  

Belle Chasse High Chapter Helps Fire Department Raise Money at Craft Fair

     Assumption High Plays

        The "Pink Game!"

Assumption HS HOSA members prepared for their annual pink game. "With our pink game we sell raffle tickets for raffle ideas & pink game shirts. All the money we collect is donated to Thibodaux Regional."



       Physical Therapy


Belle Chasse Chapter invited physical therapists to talk about their career and teach what they do.

Belle Chasse HOSA volunteered their time bagging oysters to rebuild the reef and land in Plaquemines Parish, creating healthier and thriving shores.

Fall Forum - Region 1  Over 140 members showed their excitement during the day at the University of Louisiana at Monroe in the College of Pharmacy.  Members heard from teachers, state officers, and health professionals who talked about Being a Pharmacist, a  Physical Therapist, and other Allied Health fields.  Other highlights were the mock competitions!  Lots of fun and learning!

Fall Forum - Region 2  This was an awesome day for over 140 members attending the Fall Forum at the National EMS Academy in Lafayette!  Highlights included learning more about HOSA from state officers, then hearing about Kinesiology, Audiology and Speech Pathology, becoming a paramedic or EMT, and the exciting tour of the facility!  Students also participated in mock competitions!

Fall Forum - Region 3  What a great day! With over 340 in attendance, everyone learned about how to run their chapter, worked on a Program of Work, and heard workshop speakers talk about Health Information Management, Forensic Science, Public Health SHIP program, Addictive Behavior Program,  and participated in mock competitions.  The best was watching the brave teachers participate in the What Not To Wear portion of the "What Not To Wear" fashion show!   (be sure to ask President-elect Macye to do her Bones Rap)








It's A Great Day To Save Lives!





Belle Chasse HOSA members begin learning CPR

Washington Leadership Academy


It’s truly something to be able to convene in the Capitol of our great nation with HOSA Leaders from across the world, to learn and grow as leaders in an ever-evolving, ever-diversifying organization that stands at the forefront in the bridging of leadership and quality health science education. In September, Belle Chasse HOSA along with Louisiana HOSA did just that at the HOSA Washington Leadership Academy Conference in Washington DC. Louisiana State President- Elect Macye Brown, Belle Chasse High School Advisor Jennifer Valotta, State Advisor Shirlene Bender and 2 other State Officers (Kenner Discovery's Najah Nicholas- State President & Marise Wilson- State Secretary) found themselves on a journey like no other. They met with State Congressmen and Women at our Nation's Capital to discuss the future of healthcare, CTSOs and the future of health education in the state of Louisiana. They were part of many historical events such as the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington Cemetery, visiting the Smithsonian museums, traveling to local medical schools and observing  monuments, the Pentagon, and much more. The most important aspect of the trip was meeting HOSA members from all over the world and making a global impact in Health Science Education and the future of our healthcare system. The members ranged from ages 12-25 yet they all came together for the same reason:  to Make A Change in our Future Healthcare Professionals.    ~Jennifer Valotta