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2015 Washington Leadership Academy

September 19-22, 2015

It’s truly something to be able to stand in a patch of grass, look around and realize that almost 300 years of history stand before you, behind you, and beside you. It’s truly something when you’re just a conversation away from knowing what it is like to innovate with leadership, inspire members, and ignite passions on opposite sides of the country. It’s truly something to be able convene in the Capitol of our great nation with over 178 HOSA Leaders from across the nation, to learn and grow as leaders in an ever-evolving, ever-diversifying organization that stands at the forefront in the bridging of leadership and quality health science education.

HOSA–Future Health Professionals’ 9th Annual Washington Leadership Academy taught leaders the importance of engaging with their Community, the significance of establishing and maintaining Accountability, the value of building healthy Relationships, and the benefit of exemplifying Excellence during one’s leadership journey; this year’s WLA taught leaders how to CARE.

Through dynamic and interactive workshops and activities, HOSA leaders were equipped with the tools they would need to better perform in all levels of HOSA, and to better serve as advocates of our mission and executors of our vision.

WLA Speakers included:

HOSA was pleased to welcome COL Deydre Teyhen, DPT, Ph.D., OCS, Director, Health and Wellness, System for Health and Performance Triad, Health and Wellness Directorate, Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Health, Office of the Surgeon General, Defense Health Headquarters, as the keynote speaker of the 9th Annual Washington Leadership Academy. COL Teyhen shared with state and local leaders, advisors, and guests the importance of health, stressing that simple changes to sleep, exercise, and diet can have a profound effect on the longevity and quality of our lives.

As part of the health symposium, HOSA leaders were honored to have RADM Boris Lushniak, Deputy Surgeon General of the United States (Acting Surgeon General from July 2013 – December 2014), in attendance speaking on the Perspectives of Leadership for Future Health Professionals. As this was RADM Lushniak’s final appearance prior to his official retirement in public office, those in attendance were extremely fortunate to “walk through” his leadership journey and to hear his experiences and lessons learned that helped him in his legendary role in public service. His advice on becoming a successful leader will be long-remembered and with pride, we each will always take heed the responsibility that leadership bestows on those people’s lives we touch.

Byron Garrett – Congratulations to Byron Garrett for an outstanding achievement and receiving recognition by The Root as one of the most influential Americans under 45. Author and educator Byron has always been committed to our nation’s youth; whether as a national program leader for 4-H or as CEO of national PTA. Currently, Garrett is chairman of the national Family Engagement Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to building a robust, national network of mobilized and activated parents. As former principal, he has authored several books, including The ABC’s of Life, which he challenged each of us to take hold of our future and become a dream maker.

The Arlington National Cemetery is always a highlight of the Washington Leadership Academy. The primary mission of Arlington National Cemetery is to function as the nation's premier military cemetery and shrine honoring those men and women who served in the Armed Forces. The gift of flowers at a memorial site is a ritual that occurs around the world, understood in every culture. The floral tributes at funerals bespeak both the beauty and the brevity of life and evoke memories of other days. HOSA-Future Health Professionals is honored to be chosen to pay formal respects to the sacrifice of America’s veterans in foreign wars by placing a wreath before the Tomb. Amit Sandhu, National HOSA President, and Elizabeth Carnesi, President-Elect, represented HOSA at the formal ceremony.

Grassroots Organizational Story Telling – Marquita Sanders, Associate Director, Consumer Groups, Labor Unions, and Youth Engagement, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (IEA), shared the importance of learning the HOSA story and sharing it over and over in order to have its impact worldwide.

Great Moments More Often, by Kelly Barnes. What better way to end the 2015 Washington Leadership Academy than hearing from Kelly Barnes and understanding as a leader who we get to be!

This year’s WLA provided HOSA leaders the opportunity to network and bolster HOSA connections across and within states all over the country. HOSA leaders adopted a shift in their paradigms as their leadership abilities were amplified and their passion for HOSA magnified. HOSA leaders experienced a transition from me to “we”, meaning HOSA leaders truly care!

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