Chapter Affiliation 2018- 2019

Step 1


Step 1 Checklist

1. Sign up for Remind 101 LA HOSA Advisor. 

2. Print out the 2018 - 2019 Calendar at a Glance and hang in classroom.

3. Hang HOSA Posters in classroom/bulletin boards/hallways. 

4. Hang HOSA meeting dates in classroom/bulletin boards/hallways.

5. Choose date for first 4 meetings.  (weekly is best for the first month)

6. Announce HOSA meeting PSA in morning/afternoon announcements.

Step 1 Resources

1. Remind 101 Flyer 

2. Calendar at a Glance 

3. LA HOSA Regions

4. Interest Posters

5. HOSA PSA Template


Step 2

Step 2 Checklist

2. Review Interest/First Meeting Agenda

3. Prepare necessary Interest/First Meeting Documents

 A. Agenda Script

 B. Agenda 

 C. Sign-In Sheet

 D. New Member Information Forms -For your use only; do not submit

 E. Follow-up email

Step 2 Resources

2. Interest/First Meetng Agenda

3. Interest/First Meeting  Script

4. Roll Call Log

5. New Member Registration Forms 

6. Follow-up Email Template


Step 3

Step 3 Checklist

1. Prepare 2nd meeting documents 

           A.  Agenda

           B.  Script

           C.  Roll Call Log

           D.  Chapter Election packet

2. Hold 2nd meeting

           A.  Plan for elections

           B.  Discuss Fall Forum

3. Follow-up Email 

Step 3 Resources

1. Agenda

2. Script

3. Roll Call Log

4. Fall Forum flyer

5. Follow-up Email Template 


Step 4

Step 4 Checklist

1. Prepare necessary Second Meeting Documents  

A. Agenda

B. Script

C. Roll Call Log

D. Chapter Officer Election Packet 

E. Fall Forum Registration Packet 

2. Hold Second Meeting 

A. Introduce Chapter Officer Elections 

B. Introduce Fall Forum

3. Follow-up Email 


Step 4 Resources

1. Second Meeting Agenda

2. Second Meeting Script

3. Roll Call Log 

3. Fall Forum Registration Packet

4. Follow-up Email Template 

Step 5


Step 5 Checklist

1. Prepare necessary Third Meeting Documents

A. Agenda

B. Roll Call Log

C. Voting Ballots

2. Hold Third Meeting 

A. Chapter Elections 

B. Fall Forum Interest Meeting

3. Follow-up Email

Step 5 Resources

1. Third Meeting Agenda

2. Third Meeting Script

3. Follow-up Email Template

Step 6


Step 6 Checklist

1. Prepare necessary Fourth  Meeting Documents 

A. Agenda 

B. Roll Call Log

C. Program of Work 

2. Hold Fourth Meeting

A. Chapter Officer Installation 

B. Program of Work

C. Fall Forum discussion

3. Collect New Member Information Sheet/Membership Dues

4. Have Chapter helper help with the following    

          A. Follow-up Email

B. Organize New Member Information Sheet/Membership Dues 

C. Fill out Advisor Information Sheet

D. Fill out Chapter Profile

E. Fill out Program of Work  

Step 6 Resources

1. Fourth Meeting Agenda

2. Fourth Meeting Script

3. Program of Work 

4. Advisor Information Form

5. Chapter Profile Form


Step 7

Step 7 Checklist

1. Complete the Online CMS Affiliation Process

2. Upload Chapter Profile below. 

3. Fill out Advisor Information Sheet HERE! 

4. Upload Chapter Program of Work below. 

Step 7 Resources

1. Online CMS Affiliation Information 

2. Online CMS Affiliation Link

3. Online CMS Affiliation Tutorial 

State Advisor:  Shirlene Bender

PO Box 926

Carencro, LA  70520
Tel: 337-371-5974



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