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Advisor Calendar
October 2, 2017                   : Online Affiliation, Advisor Info Sheet, Chapter Profile, Program of Work 
October 6, 2017                   : Fall Forum Registration Deadline (Region 1 and Region 2)
October 19, 2017                 : Region 2 Fall Forum 
October 21, 2017                 : Region 1 Fall Forum 
November 5 - 11, 2017        : HOSA Week 
TBA                                      : State Leadership Conference Deadline
                                              : State Officer Application Deadline 
TBA                                      : Online Testing Round 1 Events Open 
TBA                                      : Online Testing Closes at Midnight 
TBA                                      : SLC Registration Checks Due to State Office 
                                              : Advisors Notifed of State Officer Candidates 
                                              : Advisors Notifed of Round 2 Qualifiers 
                                              : HOSA Cup Points Due
TBA                                      : State Leadership Conference 
May 10, 2018                       : International Leadership Conference Registration Deadline 
June 20 - 23 2017                : International Leadership Conference Dallas, Texas 
Affiliation Packet
Affiliation Packet
If you are interested in starting a HOSA Chapter at your school, please contact Shirlene Bender at
If you are an existing Chapter Advisor, please start with the Affiliation Checklist found below. 
Affiliation Checklist 
1. Review 2016 - 2017 Calendar. Print and place calendar somewhere you will see it often. 
2. Print out Save The Dates and hang in classroom. 
3. Review Remind 101 Flyer. Sign Up for Remind 101 LA HOSA Advisor. 
4. Fill out Advisor Information Form. (You can fill it out down below.)
5. Print New Member Information Form and hand out during 1st Chapter Meeting. 
6. Review Website Stories and choose someone to be in charge of sending in chapter stories. 
7. Review HOSA Cup Points and choose someone to be in charge of sending in points. 
8. Review and complete the online affiliation process. (Deadline September 30, 2016)
9. Review and complete the Chapter Profile. (Deadline September 30, 2016.)
10. Have a SPECTACULAR year! Don't forget to have HOSA listed on your school's website!
Advisor Information Sheet
Advisor Suggestions
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